Prestige was launched over 20 years ago by Jeanneau, and has had a strong following since its beginning. The mission of the brand and owners has been to create an exceptional and lasting motor yacht. The success of the brand still thrives today because of the ongoing adherence to it’s core design principles: to keep all living spaces on the same level, allow 360 degree visibility, and offer an independent owner’s suite.

As of today, over 2,500 Prestige yachts have graced the global waters, ranging from 35 to 75 feet in length. As with the tradition of Prestige, they are seeking to reach new heights with the release of ever larger models to come...


Everything about the Prestige design aesthetic reflects the influence Garroni Design. This Italian design firm along with a team of French designers create an undeniably elegant motor yacht. Prestige Yachts are effortlessly livable boats, with unbelievably wide open spaces.


The quality with which Prestige Yachts are constructed is unsurpassable. Prestige has invested in the highest quality tools to aid in the design process: from construction to execution. CATIA CAO software is software that allows Prestige to create all parts of each design in 3D down to the smallest details.

In the production process, digitally controlled machinery and varnishing robots take care of the repetitive tasks in order to allow workers to diligently focus on the overall quality of the finished piece. The hulls are infusion-molded fiberglass, and the structures and deck are created to cut down significantly on unnecessary weight while maintaining durability and strength.



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