Lead Designer and Head of Engineering is Dave Livingston, a legend in the boating industry. He's been recognized with countless awards for his iconic designs. Of all the boats in use in the world, more people are on his designs than any other. Any cutwater owner is benefitting from his 50+ years of design and engineering experience.

Along with Dave Livingston, the Cutwater brand has developed a new way of thinking about how cruisers deliver performance, style, and comfort. The goal is the ultimate cruising experience, every time.


The Cutwater brand is well-known for it’s forward thinking and innovative designs. Each of the Cutwater boats surpass industry standards to deliver optimum performance. Cutwater’s experience with the boating industry shows a long record of achievement in design.  The standard features, hull form, and hydrodynamic design elements give the owner a truly superior ride when it comes to speed, comfort, economy, range, and handling characteristics. 

Cutwater boats all feature the signature keel stepped hull bottom with tapered intake tunnels that disperse a smooth flow of air evenly through designated portions of the running surface, while at the same time vectoring air away from the propeller. A keel pad runs through the length of the bottom to maximize lift and add stability. This along with so many other innovative ideas have made cutwater a leader in the marine manufacturing world.


Cutwater Boats are built right here in the Pacific Northwest. With the Cutwater name also comes Fluid Motion, LLC, who manufactures the well-known fleet of Ranger Tugs. With approximately 18 years of experience in the industry, Cutwater builds every boat with the ideals and standards that have pushed them into a leading role in the boating industry. Cruising families have selection of size, style and configuration options, so that they can enjoy the right boat for their needs.



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