In 1957, Henri Jeanneau became inspired to extend his passion from airplanes and automobiles to powerboats. In the next year, Jeanneau built their first fiberglass hull. In 1964, Jeanneau began creating sailboats as well. Throughout the history of the company, Jeanneau has participated in prestigious sail and powerboat races. In 1996, Jeanneau expanded and created Jeanneau America, followed shortly by the Asia Pacific Jeanneau in 2011.


Each of Jeanneau’s designs can be recognized by their remarkable elegance. Minimalist and contemporary lines are drawn by celebrated naval architects and designers who are always pushing the ideas of the Jeanneau brand to new heights. The knowledge and experience of these teams cultivate beautiful and luxurious boats that are a pleasure to handle.


Over the last 30 years Jeanneau has mastered the art of the fiberglass injection moulding procedure, using enclosed molds. The advantages of a lighter overall weight, smooth finish, superior quality, and environmentally responsible manufacturing all have been key motivators for Jeanneau to continue to use this method.

Along with injection molding, Jeanneau uses infusion technology for the hulls of their larger models. In this process, fiberglass material is vacuum-sealed and then injected with resin. The amount of resin used is the most advantagious for overall strength and weight, and cut’s down on the release of solvents.

Starting in the 2018 model year, Jeanneau began building of it's 28' NC 895 in Cadillac, Michigan. We are proud to stock a product from Jeanneau built right here in the USA.


Because of these innovative construction practices and long-standing traditions, Jeanneau is able to offer a high-quality product that offers luxury and reliability at a great value.


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